Holding company that controls the business arms developed by Landsberg Consulting. The focus is to work ethnic groups based in the USA. The principle is always to speak directly to these ethnic groups living away from their country of origin, but want the warmth and dealings in their language of origin. An ethnic group is a group of people who identify with each other, or are identified by the such others, based on cultural or biological similarities, or BOTH, real or perceived. We exist to be able to delivery to this ethnic groups some nostalgia. The nostalgia of taste, texture, color, vestment and culture. We do this by Emporio Stores (high end) concept in the licensing model, Vending Machines with Brazil Em Casa and Nuestracasa brands in Pool investment model, ecommerce and distribution of ethnic products.


One world, multiple tastes. Our vending machines are fully customized and refer to nostalgia concept from Brazil em Casa and Nuestracasa. Products available for sale are products distributed by Casagroup. The focus is to bring the missing to very close to our consumers, in concept, open 24/7. We selected the products with higher sale and consumption needs in the market to make up the mix of this sales channel. Who are the customers of Vending Machines? Passing customers, neighborhood, staff, students, patients, customers in general and more. Focus on ethnic groups. Where to implant? Clubs, courses, offices, shops, hairdressers, spas, clinics, hospitals, schools, bookstores, gas stations, hotels, airports, etc. Our vending machines are produced in the USA and have a fiveyear parts warranty.



Brazil em Casa Online The Brazil Em Casa Online is a ecommerce Casagroup, initially serving the Brazilian public throughout the North American territory . The focus is to get to within the final consumer home, delivering products that refer to missing. The longing of eating and drinking, personal items and itens to the house. The ecommerce speaks the language it’s target audience and is a great portal of reference for the community.

Bring High-End concept into ethnic groups, merging different areas such as market emporium, gourmet coffee and art gallery was the great challenge of this project.

Within characteristics of a licensed shop, all products and services have been standardized for the unique purpose of making customers feel at home.

Customers are not treated as customers. They are our guests.

Emporio rescued the concept of the old Italian stores last century, which served differently, feel good and unique, that’s what motivates customers to visit and purchase on this places.

Pleasant environment pleasant peaple and special services. Live this experience.